Chairs around the Office: The Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair

This month, we interviewed our National Customer Service Manager Anne Stearns about her office chair, The Eurotech Ergohuman Mid-Back Mesh Chair. She shared what makes this chair so great and what type of people would enjoy sitting in it while they work.

Ergohuman chair

Q: What adjustments on the Ergohuman do you use and why do you use them?

A: When I was pregnant I used to lean back in my chair all the time, and this chair was very easy to lean back into, thanks to its tilt tension control. Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I don’t like to tilt back in my seat, so the tilt lock control lets me choose the angle that I want the back of the chair to rest at and lock it into place right where I want it. I also take full advantage of the adjustable arms. They can be moved up and down, and they can pivot from side to side which really comes in handy depending on what I’m doing at the time. If I’m on a call with a customer, I like to move the arms up and in to support by elbows while I type at my computer. While I’m having a meeting with one of my team members, however, I like to push the arms down and out so that they’re out of the way while I write notes at my desk. The best thing about the Ergohuman chair is that it’s simple to use. I can use all of the adjustments in a second and I was able to figure out how to operate all of them pretty quickly. Unlike some chairs that have a ton of confusing levers, this chair is very intuitive.

Q: How do you feel about the mesh?

A: I can appreciate the mesh upholstery now, but when I was pregnant I wished for more cushioning. Don’t sit in an all-mesh chair if you’re pregnant!  Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I enjoy the feel of the mesh and I can certainly appreciate its unique look!

Eurotech Chair

Q: Do you like the way the chair looks in your office?

A: Yes! This chair has a sleek, modern look that I love. Its fancy look is part of the reason I chose it in the first place. I just love the combination of dark mesh with the chrome frame. Best of all, it blends well with my office without taking away from it. It’s not the focal point of the room, and that’s how I like it. This is a solid chair that’s durable, but doesn’t look too bulky.

Think the Ergohuman chair might be a good fit for you too? Check out the collection, which is available in both mesh and leather with or without a headrest, and let us know what you think!

The Ever-Changing Workplace

The Ever-Changing Workplace

The workplace is changing. Most of these changes are aimed at improving employee life and, in turn, their productivity. Here’s a look at the changes taking shape and how they are sure to affect more and more workers as more companies take note.

Balance of Private and Public Working Spaces

After a huge migration towards open plan spaces in order to ditch the cubicle, many companies are finding that this set up isn’t as desirable as they were once led to believe. While open plan designs do allow for more collaboration, there are other downfalls, including lack of privacy and more distractions. Today, many workplaces are now aiming to find more of a balance in their working environments. Most of the research, including that of Steelcase, supports that most employees, especially those of a more introverted nature, prefer to have a balance and, more importantly, a choice where they perform certain work tasks. While it may be better to complete some work tasks in a large, open collaborative space, other more independent tasks often require more privacy and more quiet  to allow for full concentration. Having the autonomy to choose has been shown to increase workers’ productivity. Turns out, employees might just know best when it comes to where they work best. More companies are entrusting them to make that decision.

More Flexibility & Better Work-Life Balance

As more millenials flood the workforce, companies are recognizing a shift in workers’ priorities. An example of this shift is the larger emphasis millenials place on flexibility when compared to other generations. In fact, many millenials say that they would sacrifice salary if it meant having a more flexible work schedule. With more of the workforce looking for flexible positions with the promise of better work-life balance, more employers are likely to respond to the demand for worry of missing out on top talent. Technology, too, allows for more flexible working schedules, as it grows better and more reliable. Many companies are offering the option to occasionally work from home.

Greater Concern about Health and Wellness

It is probably now pretty safe to say that most companies understand the importance of keeping employees healthy and happy. Not only will happy employees be more productive and more loyal, they are also sure to impact the bottom line in a beneficial, positive way. It’s simply good business to keep employees happy and healthy. In effort to do just that, more and more companies are offering wellness programs or benefits to encourage employees to stay active. Other employers consider their own environment and how it supports workers’ health and makes the changes necessary, whether it’s incorporating standing desks into the workplace set up or holding the occasional standing meeting.

Collection Spotlight: The At Work Collection by NBF Signature Series

NBF At Work Collection

The sleek and simple At Work collection is part of our exclusive NBF Signature Series line of office furniture, and it’s one of our best sellers for good reason. This contemporary group of furniture brings eye-catching visual appeal, convenient functionality and impressive durability to your office, making it a versatile collection that’s sure to impress. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers are crazy about this classy collection:

Design: There’s no denying the striking good looks that the At Work collection has to offer. Its laminate paneling comes in a rich espresso wenge finish which is artfully complemented by brushed nickel bases, frames and hardware. The streamlined look of this collection is achieved via its clean, straight lines and striking simplicity. Perforated modesty panels on desks and tables add an extra touch of visual appeal that sets this collection apart from the crowd. If sleek, modern or contemporary style is what you aim for, then At Work may just be the collection your office has been craving.

Convenience: Of course, good looks aren’t everything, and the At Work collection is much more than just pretty. At Work includes a wide variety of desks, tables, bookcases, filing cabinets and storage units so that you can get every piece of furniture you need in your office in one cohesive look. The collection also features a modular design, meaning you can use multiple pieces in conjunction with each other in a variety of different ways. Table desks can be used in conjunction with mobile pedestals and storage units which are designed to fit neatly underneath the work surface. Some storage units can even be stacked on top of filing cabinets in order to save valuable floor space in your office.

Durability: When it comes to commercial office furniture, it’s important to select pieces that will be able to stand up to regular daily use by alternating users. That’s why our At Work collection features sturdy, all-steel frames as well as scratch- and stain-resistant laminate surfaces that are designed to stand the test of time. These pieces of furniture are made to be used, so you won’t need to worry about causing damage to the structures when you’re writing on the work surface of one of these desks or breaking a cabinet door when you close up a storage unit.

For more information on At Work and the other collections available from the NBF Signature Series, check out the Signature Series playlist on our NBFOnline YouTube Channel!



How to Use the NBF Free Sample Program

Wood samples let you get a clear idea of the color and texture of the product.

Finding a piece of furniture that is the perfect color or the right material to match the rest of your office can be a bit tricky when you are shopping online. This is simply due to the fact that so many aspects impact the coloration and quality of images online. The same product can look black when viewed on one monitor while appearing to be dark brown on a different screen. We understand that this can lead to frustration and maybe even hesitation when shopping online.

At NBF, we want to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible while ensuring that you feel supremely confident about any purchase that you make. In addition to Virtual Visit, our live video stream that connects shoppers with furniture experts who can demonstrate numerous furniture options, we also offer free color and swatch samples for most of our products. These swatches give you the exact look and feel of any product so you can know just what you would be getting by choosing the furniture piece.  These swatches go beyond color. While you can get a clear idea of the exact shade, you can also discover the true texture of the product you are looking to purchase. This can be incredibly helpful whether you’re purchasing a new executive chair or a small writing desk. It can also give you a better idea of the difference of certain materials, such as laminate vs. wood veneer, so that you can confidently pick which one you prefer. The sample may even offer more insight into the description of the product. A product may be described as “distressed”. This label may have different meanings to many. With a free sample, you can see exactly what we mean when we say a product is distressed, and you can determine whether or not the style is what you desire.

Best of all, this service is completely free of charge because we are committed to making sure that your new office furniture is exactly what you are expecting.

The samples are shipped to you promptly via priority mail so that you can make your decision quickly. How do you order? These free color samples can be ordered directly from any product page on the NBF website. Simply click on the swatch color image underneath the picture of the product you want to take a closer look at. Then fill out the required fields, click ‘Submit’ and your swatch samples will be shipped out to you in a matter of days!

What’s in a Frame: Steel Gauge Differences

Steel Frame Reception Furniture

What’s in a frame? Would that which we call steel of any gauge hold up the same?

The thickness of a sheet of metal is measured in a unit that is known as its gauge. Unlike many forms of measurement, gauge is determined on a retrogressive scale, meaning that the higher the gauge is the thinner the sheet of metal is. Thus, a sheet of 10 gauge steel is thicker than a sheet of 12 gauge steel is thicker than a sheet of 14 gauge steel. So what does that all mean in the grand scheme of things? What level of gauge should you look out for when shopping for your new metal desk or chair?

If you’re looking for a more artful design in your furniture or if you’re in need of a desk that is lightweight enough to move around the office without much hassle, a product with a higher metal gauge will be a better option. Desks and chairs made with 22 or 20 gauge steel will naturally be more lightweight than 14 or 12 gauge steel because they are made of much thinner sheets of metal. In addition to affecting the products weight, the thinner the metal is the more pliable it is, so metal furniture with more intricate details and design aspects is more likely to be constructed of a higher gauge of steel because a thinner sheet means the metal will have more give for the welder to mold.

The downside to the higher gauge steel, of course, is that it is not as durable as the lower gauge steel. Lower gauge steel is important to find when shopping for commercial furniture products like the ones we sell on Most commercial grade office desks are constructed of 14 or 16 gauge steel which, while they may be more difficult to move, are much sturdier and more able to stand up to the rigorous daily wear and tear that an office, school or healthcare setting often inflicts.

Breakroom Etiquette in the Office

Breakroom Etiquette for Every Workplace

Company breakrooms stand as a retreat for employees. It’s a space to unwind and take a break, whether enjoying your lunch or leisurely reading the newspaper. Breaks throughout the day, especially for lunch, are simply necessary in order to keep employees both happy and productive. However, even though the breakroom is a place to relax, a few rules do still apply to ensure that everyone can have a tranquil experience. Here’s some breakroom etiquette to keep in mind for every workplace.

Keep the Coffee Flowing: Draining the last drop of coffee into your mug in the morning without brewing more for your coworkers might just be the worst offense one could make when it comes to breakroom etiquette. This just comes down to being polite and considerate of other coworkers who may be looking forward to their share of free coffee from the breakroom without having to wait for it to brew.

Keep the Coffee Pot Full - Breakroom Etiquette by

Keep the Space Clean: As with any communal space, it’s important to keep your breakroom space neat and tidy. Be sure to clean any surface after dining as others are sure to use it after you, and they won’t want to sit down to a table covered in crumbs or spills or have to clean up after someone else’s mess.

Freshen up the Fridge: Ensuring that the fridge is kept fresh can be a bit of a challenge when there are numerous employees using it to store snacks and lunches. Make sure that you don’t store anything past its expiration date. Labeling any item with both your name and the date it was stored can go a long way and serves multiple functions. Not only is a labeled item very clearly off limits to others, but knowing when an item is first placed in the fridge can help to ensure that expired food doesn’t simply just sit and rot while taking up precious fridge space.

Use the Microwave Efficiently: For the sake of others hoping to use the microwave, avoid selecting foods that will need to be microwaved for long durations of time. It’s also best to stay by or near the microwave so that you can quickly remove your meal from it, allowing someone else to use it in a timely fashion.

Avoid Super Smelly Foods: In addition to avoiding meals or foods that could potentially hog the microwave, it’s also a good idea to consider how strong the aroma of your meal may be before you take it to work. In an office environment, particularly strong smelling food can be distracting to other workers, and it can also linger in the air for quite a long time – something that no one really wants to deal with while they work.

Follow the Quirky Rules: Every office has its own breakroom rules that reflect the company’s culture. Even if they may be a bit quirky, like no popping popcorn in the office or no brewing flavored coffee and regular coffee in the same coffee maker, it’s best to be aware of these rules and to follow them.

Brand Spotlight: Trendway

Trendway Feek

Feek. Take one glance at Trendway’s Feek collection and you know you’re looking at a group of furniture that is truly unique. This collection is made up of dozens of pieces of high-density polyurethane foam in various shapes and sizes, and they’re all designed with both form and function in mind. Feek was originally created by international designer Frederik van Heereveld as a furniture solution that would offer the comfort and support of traditional seating, but without any of the heavy metal or wood frames. The top coat on each piece is hygienic and seamless, making it a breeze to wipe clean at the end of each day. Bottom vents allow the foam to be compressed and then re-expand to fit every individual without giving off a sinking feeling. Standard feet keep the bottom of this piece slightly elevated above the floor. Put multiple pieces together to create spaces that can accommodate a wide variety of functions in your office, reception area or lounge.

Trendway IN

IN. Trendway IN is a collection of chairs designed with modern good looks and convenience in mind. The unique European styling of this collection combines with demanding American comfort to provide you with a chair that you can be proud to work IN. These chairs come in a wide variety of color options, and each one features a generously padded 2” seat cushion. Breathable mesh back upholstery helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you in cool comfort throughout each and every work day.

Trendway Choices

Choices. This collection of standing height and adjustable height tables aims to solve the rising issue of employee health in the workplace. The office life of today typically consists of hour after hour of sitting still at a desk and typing away without considering the toll that poor posture and infrequent movement will eventually take on the body. Trendway Choices offers standing height and adjustable height tables and cubicles in a range of sizes to offer employees the option to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day without needing to stop working. Adjustable height tables in this collection are available with a budget-friendly hand crank or with an easier-to-use electric adjustment mechanism. High pressure laminate tops are highly resistant to unwanted scratches and stains to provide long-lasting durability.

Trendway Trig

Trig. If storage is what you need, then the Trendway Trig collection has just the thing for you. This grouping of bookcases, filing cabinets and storage units can be configured in whatever way suits your space. Whether you want a storage island in the middle of the room or multiple bookcases pushed up against a wall, you’ll find exactly what you need in this selection. Members of this collection are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a tough powder-coated finish that will resist scratches, stains and other damage year after year. Wood laminate surfaces create modern visual strength and provide a comfortable space for employees to collaborate or work on solo projects.