Collection Spotlight: NBF Signature Series Synergy Collection

NBF Synergy Collection

Are you ready to upgrade your reception area to create a more stylish and more comfortable space for your guests to relax before appointments? We’d like to introduce you to the Synergy collection—a brand new grouping of waiting room furniture available exclusively from National Business Furniture! Not only do the members of this collection look great, but they’re designed to keep visitors in your waiting room comfy and cozy, which they’ll certainly appreciate. Keep on reading to learn more about what the Synergy Collection has to offer you and your guests.


Style. Take one look at this grouping of furniture and you’ll notice its unique appearance right away. From the curvy chair and sofa arms to the wedge-shaped magazine tables, this selection includes plenty of fun and funky options that will give your waiting room a unique edge. Chairs, sofas and loveseats are all available in a myriad of contemporary colors so that you can achieve the look you want in your office. Best of all, this reception collection is completely modular, meaning you’ll be able to position and reposition the pieces to set up your space in exactly the way you prefer.

NBF Synergy Collection

Comfort. One of the reasons we chose to add the synergy collection to this year’s NBF catalog is because it was designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Inner springs covered with generously padded foam cushions will wrap your guests in cushy support, leaving them feeling more comfortable during their wait. No matter if visitors are experiencing anxiety in your healthcare waiting room or if they’re just tired from an extended wait in your corporate reception area, these chairs and sofas deliver support that will make them feel more at ease.


Health. This collection provides you with the option to select a PVC-free polyurethane seating arrangement for your office. PVC, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride or vinyl, is commonly used in furniture upholstery and is a known human carcinogen. Although the chemicals from one vinyl upholstered chair aren’t strong enough to do much damage to a grown adult, extended exposure to PVC can lead to serious illness and may even cause cancer, especially in children. That’s why we’re happy to offer the PVC free Synergy line so that you can help offset the amount of time that your patients and guests are exposed to these types of chemicals, especially if you work in a healthcare facility. On top of that, PVC-free upholstery is a breeze to keep clean and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach without losing its color!

Different Types of Standing Desks

While research points to all standing desks offering long term health benefits, it’s important to know that there are still many different kinds, each offering various design aspects and functions. Often, when one thinks about a standing desk, the first image that comes to mind is one that is an entirely separate unit with a preset height that cannot be changed, such as this Statesman Standing Height Desk.


While this is most certainly an option, there are others available that may better suit your working needs and your office environment.

One such option is an adjustable standing height desk. These, unlike standing height desks, can be moved to whatever level is desired. This makes both sitting and standing possible with one unit without having to buy a counter height stool or chair. One of the distinguishing features of adjustable standing desks is how they are lifted or operated – there are a few different options when it comes to this as well.

Gas Lifts

Adjustable desks that have a gas lift mechanism typically feature a lever control, allowing you to easily raise or lower the surface of the desk to cater to your needs.  Gas lifts may also be called pneumatic lifts. This adjustable height gas lift table also feature rolling casters for a high level of mobility, making them ideal for the on-the-go worker.

Gas Lift Standing Height Table

Manual Lifts

As the name implies, these desks require manual effort of the user when it comes to both lifting and lowering the surface of the desk or table. Many manual lifts then feature a clip or screw clamp that must be fastened to hold the unit securely in place. Some may even feature a hand crank, as pictured below. While manual effort is required, these desks and tables are still easy to move up and down, as they feature lightweight design.

Standing Desks - Manual Lift

Electronic Lifts

Adjustable desks that feature an electronic lift are the perhaps the utmost in convenience, as the surface moves up and down via the simple touch of a button. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use feature that still allows for maximum flexibility in your working environment. Due to their simple use and electrical components, this type of adjustable height desk tends to be a bit more of an investment than the other options above.

Electronic Lift - Standing Desk


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How to Divide a Room without Building Walls

Looking for a stylish and cost-effective way to divide your large workspace? The time of the closed-off executive office is coming to an end and open office floor plans are increasing in number. Unfortunately, not everyone thrives in an open plan work environment, as they can be quite distracting. So how do you divvy up floor space without building permanent walls? Here are a few simple and cost-effective solutions.

lot-20110_s7Modern Partitions. Partitions are the most obvious answer to this dilemma, but who wants to fill their workspace with ugly fabric boards in gray or beige colors? Fortunately, there are stylish, modern options available that not only divide up an open space with ease, but also breathe new life into an otherwise dull layout. From fun materials to funky colors, there’s no end to the designs that partitions are available in from manufacturers like LOFTwall. Don’t see the color or design on our website that you want in your office? No problem. Just call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 and we’ll be happy to place a custom order in the color, shape and size you need. These high-style partitions are ideal for offices of any size, and they’re great for directing the flow of a room, creating a sense of organization.


Bookcase Dividers. Did you know that there are double-sided bookcases that can be used as room dividers? Now you do! New to this year’s catalog, the Regency Pixel Collection is ideal for use as a space divider or as a regular bookshelf. The biggest benefit to this type of room divider is that they have built-in storage units that can work to your employees’ advantage. Place these bookshelves in between workstations to give employees a little privacy while providing both parties with access to the storage boxes within the shelves. Although these units offer excellent utility in their design, they are best suited for larger offices when used as dividers since they are so wide and require extra floor space. These shelving units are also ideal for use in reception areas, as they’re great for displaying company awards and décor to guests!


Mobile Whiteboards. Similar to partitions in build but offer greater practicality and versatility, mobile whiteboards can be used to separate a space and then reused at a workstation or in a conference room for taking notes and making memos. Because this type of divider is on wheels, it isn’t confined to a single purpose. Employees can use it to get a little privacy at their desk and then roll it into the boardroom for use during their next presentation. These multi-functional, cost-effective boards also come in a wide range of sizes, just like traditional partitions. Be sure to take into consideration whether or not you need sound to be muffled in your office space. Although mobile whiteboards provide great flexibility in some ways, they do not block out any sound, which may or may not be a concern for you.


Workstation Privacy Screens. Looking to add just a little more privacy to the existing cubicles in your office? We offer a selection of small screens and even cubicle doors that can be attached right onto the desks in your office. These solutions are the most cost-effective, providing your employees with a way to get their work done in private without breaking your budget. Why buy an entirely new set of desks when you can simply add onto your existing ones?

Thinking of adding one of these divider options to your open workspace? Whether dividing multiple workstations or separating an office and a meeting space, be sure to thoroughly measure your entire workspace to determine what size partitions or bookcases you will need to adequately divvy up the area. If you’re unsure of what size dividers go with what size rooms and desks, then just give us a call—we offer free space planning design services for just such reasons! Whatever your needs may be, our people can work with you to design exactly what you want for your space.


NBF: Then and Now

2015 marks National Business Furniture’s 40th anniversary! We’re excited to reach this milestone, and we’re taking a look back through our catalog archives to see just how far NBF has come. We hope you enjoy these!

The 1970s



1970s tbt 3


The 1980s






A Brief History of NBF: 1975 – 1985

40th anniversary

It’s 2015—a milestone year for National Business Furniture. This year marks our 40th anniversary as a company, and we’ve come a long way in the last four decades. Today, we remain true to our roots as a mid-grade office furniture provider with a clear focus on superior customer satisfaction. Take a look at where it all began in segment one of our mini-series: A Brief History of NBF.

The Beginning. National Business Furniture was founded back in 1975 by George and Julie Mosher in Milwaukee, WI, where its headquarters still remains to this day. Before deciding to start National Business Furniture, George was a successful partner at a another Wisconsin-based furniture catalog company, so it’s safe to say that he had a good grasp on the industry before taking the plunge to branch out of his own. One day, at a children’s birthday party of all places, George had a chance meeting with an investor, which is what provided him with the opportunity to earn seed money for his new start up. Not long after, George and his wife Julie assembled the very first NBF catalog together right on their kitchen table. They began mailing their new catalogs across the country, and, soon enough, NBF began filling its first orders from businesses across the United States. With exemplary services and standards, NBF grew into a major mail order business in what seemed like no time at all.

The Headquarters. The first NBF headquarters was located in the beautiful Loyalty Building at 222 East Michigan Street in downtown Milwaukee. Surrounded by impressive old-world décor, the office was used as a working showroom, just as the NBF office is today. George intentionally selected a location one floor above his previous employer’s office so that visiting furniture suppliers would find it easy to drop in and do business at their own convenience.

 The Branches. In 1980, The Moshers opened two new branches in Los Angeles and Atlanta in an effort to provide better service to customers across the United States. With a national catalog and regional sales representatives, NBF was able to provide big company savings with small company service.

The Showroom. In 1982, NBF opened up its retail showroom in the Grand Avenue Mall right down the street from its corporate headquarters. The 780-square-foot operation was among the first furniture catalog showrooms in a major shopping mall, and the showroom remained in operation until 1984.

And that’s only the beginning! Today, NBF remains true to its roots, now sporting the motto that its founders have always provided: Furniture that Works. People who Care.

Stay tuned next month for the second installment in our brief history series!

Brand Spotlight: LOFTwall

LOFTwall focuses specifically on room dividers and privacy partitions, and is all about solutions, whether you are shopping for a commercial office, a healthcare facility, a hotel, an educational institution or even a residence. Their mission is to change the world one space at a time by creating innovative and straight forward solutions for every environment.

We’ve recently added LOFTwall collections to our selection at NBF to offer our customers a stylish, yet straightforward way to provide privacy or create designated spaces in their workplace.

Here are a few of our favorite options from LOFTwall:

Wave Panel Wall Partition

LOFTwall dividers are stylish and practical.

Whoever said panels have to be boring? This panel goes against the grain and offers the unexpected with a striking wave design that adds immediate visual interest. This Wave Panel Wall partition is available in three different sizes (52″W x 78″H, 76″W x 78″H, 100″W x 78″H), and all three sizes easily blend form and function. The alternating curves of the panel even act as a sound buffer to give you more privacy and to block out distractions. This panel is ideal for segmenting a large room into smaller areas.

High Panel Wall Partition


This High Panel Wall partition is designed to act as a tall barrier, whether you are using it to separate a collaborative working space or placing it in front of a workstation to give an employee a sense of privacy. This panel is available in three sizes, although all three measure a height of 78″. These panels also feature modular, interlocking frames, meaning that it is easy to configure an arrangement that works well with both your space and your working needs. With alternating solid and translucent laminate panels, this divider also brings a unique look to any room.

Low Panel Wall Partition


Similar in looks to the High Panel Partition, the Low Panel Wall Partition differs in height, as it features a shorter design. This makes it ideal for creating private sitting areas or for separating seated collaborative spaces. While the panel offers a distinct look, the modular design ensures that you can configure many panels to create just the look you want with the functionality that you need.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? In addition to these three different partitions, we also provide custom partitions from LOFTwall in just about any color or configuration that you may need. To place a custom order, call us at 800-558-1010.

How to Dress for an Interview

how to dress for an interview

You landed an interview for your dream job—congratulations! Now all you need to do is walk into that interview with your best foot forward and knock their socks off. Start your interview preparation by dressing to impress.

Assess the company culture ahead of time. If you’re interviewing with a company where employees are expected to wear suits and ties every day, then you should dress to meet or exceed their standards of professionalism. If the company has a casual, jeans-every-day kind of atmosphere, then you should still dress up for the interview, but it won’t require a full-on suit and tie type of attire. If you wear a suit to a company where everyone else is wearing jeans, then you will stick out like a sore thumb and give off the wrong vibes. Likewise, if you show up to an interview wearing khakis and a short sleeve button up shirt when everyone else is wearing suits, then you probably won’t gain the respect of the interviewer very easily.

Dress slightly better than regular employees. As a general rule of thumb, your interview attire should be a little dressier than what employees at that company wear to work on a normal day. If the typical company dress code is corporate casual, then it’s okay to wear a suit. If it’s more of a casual place, then it’s okay to wear a corporate casual outfit. Once you’ve decided whether a professional, corporate casual or casual outfit is best for your interview, the rest is easy.

Stay comfortable. While you’ll want to dress to impress, it’s important to wear something that you’ll be comfortable in. If you’re comfortable, you’ll feel much more like yourself and, therefore, your personality will have a better chance of making itself known, which is the key ingredient to a successful interview.

Pay attention to the details. Unfortunately, buying the right clothes isn’t enough. You’ll want to make sure that the shirt, pants, skirt or dress you wear is clean and ironed to make the best possible impression. You’ll also want to make sure that your clothes fit you properly and that it isn’t too baggy or too tight. Wrinkly, ill-fitting clothing may give the impression that you are messy or unorganized.

Stay away from anything too flashy. Statement necklaces and sequined tops are fabulous, but the important thing to remember about interviewing is that your personality should take center stage, not your physical appearance. Your clothes and accessories should complement your attitude, not distract from it. Wear simple jewelry and plain, solid colored articles of clothing. Don’t overdo it on the makeup either.

Keep yourself well groomed. Get a haircut before your interview if needed, and run a comb through it to keep it neat and out of the way. For the men—keep facial hair to a minimum, even during Movember.

Dressing well for your interview will set you up for success once you walk through the company doors of what could become your new career. Whatever you decide to wear, just remember to keep calm and be yourself!