How We Select Furniture that Works


Finding the right office furniture can be tricky to say the least. How do you take your work culture, personal style and budgetary needs and translate it all into furniture that will help you be your best self at work? Well, we’re here to help with that. Here are the four major factors that we consider when selecting the products that we sell on our website and in our catalog:

Functionality. The first half of our motto at NBF is, “Furniture that Works,” so we understand the importance of outfitting your workspace with furnishings that help you work productively and comfortably every day. To achieve this, we take every office occupation into consideration when selecting the products that we want to offer. Whether you have a small startup in need of a few simple workstations for five to ten employees or you have a large corporation in which you want to outfit executive offices with beautiful statement desks, we’ve got you covered. By catering to a wide breadth of company sizes and work-lifestyles, we’re able to provide a well-rounded selection so that every business owner and employee can find just what they need to work well.

collaborative office

Quality. Office furniture isn’t something that you buy often, so when you do buy it, you’ll want it to last. That’s why we go to great lengths to select furnishings that are of a reliable quality. It’s also why we work directly with the manufacturers of our furniture to ensure that the production process and the packaging process are up to our high standards. We even have a grading system for our vendors that’s measured with a traffic light. Vendors with a green light are doing a great job manufacturing, packaging and shipping their products. Vendors with a yellow light are in need of some improvement, which we do our best to help them with in whatever way possible. Vendors with a red light receive a serious warning that if they don’t resolve their issues soon, we may choose to terminate our relationship with them and stop selling their products altogether. The open line of communication between NBF and the NBF manufacturers is what ensures both parties have the customers’ best interest in mind.


Style. Sometimes the style of a piece of furniture or décor can make or break it. After all, if it doesn’t match the rest of your office, it just won’t look right. Because everyone has a different personal style, we work hard to find furniture that can satisfy any and every taste, even if it means adding an entirely new manufacturer to our product selection. Whether you want a workspace that’s bold and glamorous or you prefer something a little more subdued, we pick products to fit every fancy.

stylish office

Value. From the single self-employed office worker to large companies with hundreds of employees, everyone loves a good value. We choose to offer mid-grade office furniture to our customers because we want to provide an impressive range of styles with superior quality that also meets a desirable price point.  When you browse the pages of our catalog and our website, you’ll be able to find desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases and more with the look you want, the features you need and the price that you prefer.


Not only do we put our all into picking the best product selection, but we also go the extra mile by offering some of the best services available in the industry. From our complimentary swatch sample and interior space planning services to our GSA-approved and Med Assets-approved offerings, we strive to help every one of our customers feel confident about their purchase. The second half of our motto is, “People who Care,” and that’s who you can expect when you call our customer service line. Whether you need help with what furniture to select or how to set it up in your office, you can count on the furniture experts at NBF to take care of you.

Brand Spotlight: Mayline

Mayline was first established in 1939, specializing in drafting tables and blueprint files. The furniture company has since come a long way, expanding its product selection to include everything from conference tables to ergonomic seating for the modern workplace. Mayline is a trusted, established manufacturer with products known for their durability. Here are just a few of our favorite Mayline products.

Five Drawer Flat File Cabinet

It feels only fitting to choose one of Mayline’s flat files, due to the history and beginning of the brand. This particular flat file cabinet features five drawers, a front metal plan depressor and a rear hood. With durable heavy gauge welded steel construction, this flat file also heightens the efficiency of any workplace or studio.  Additionally, this storage unit can hold up to 200 sheets of paper per drawer while keeping your blueprints and artwork neatly and safely organized.


Big and Tall Pivot-Arm Leather Chair

The Big and Tall Pivot-Arm Leather Chair from Mayline is a top rated item for good reason! Offering superior comfort for people of larger statures, this chair features a reinforced frame and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Additionally, the chair meets ANSI/BIFMA standards and offers adjustable seat height and adjustable lumbar support to ensure comfort and durability.


Complete Contemporary L Desk Office Set

This complete Contemporary L Desk Office Set from Mayline makes updating your office easy, with complementing pieces such as an L desk, wall cabinet and hutch. This set also offers a distinctly modern appeal for the modern workplace. Choose from gray steel, mahogany and mocha finishes for your office.


Napoli Executive Desk

This executive desk makes for an impressive piece in any setting. The curved edges paired with a modesty panel lend a contemporary look that’s incredibly pleasing to the eye. Available in golden cherry, sierra cherry and mahogany veneer finishes, you can be sure to find an elegant style for your office. With ample workspace, this beautiful desk is also sure to be a functional addition.

Executive Desk


Boat Shaped Conference Table

Searching for the perfect conference table? This Boat Shaped Conference Table from Mayline may just be the winning contender. Available with a grommet hole for wire management, the style of this table ensures seamless use of technology. Additionally, a thick high pressure laminate top resists scratches and gives the table long lasting durability. Lastly, the thin leg design leaves ample space for more leg room, giving more comfort to all those gathered around this conference table.


Big & Tall Chairs: Our Top Picks

If you’re of a larger stature, then a big and tall office chair will keep you much more comfortable while you work than a standard size seating option. Big and tall chairs are designed to hold more than 250 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and they’re the most ideal choice for users of over 6 feet tall. Check out our top picks for big and tall chairs:

The Stamford Leather Big & Tall Chair: This genuine leather executive chair supports larger users without sacrificing any amount of style. The luxurious leather upholstery is soft to the touch for a rich feel, and the hardwood framework artfully complements it. These features work together to create a look that is regal and professional.


The Space Big & Tall Mesh Chair: If you’re looking for a big and tall chair that will breathe, then this is the one. With a mesh back and padded mesh seat, this chair allows air to flow in and out to prevent the user from becoming overheated after multiple seated hours. This chair also comes with adjustable seat height, lumbar support, arm height, arm width, tilt lock, tilt tension and knee tilt controls to help you locate the best possible position for your body.

mesh big and tall chair

The Executive 24/7 Intensive Use Genuine Leather Chair: This is the Cadillac of big and tall chairs. With a 550 pound weight capacity and an extra-sturdy seven-leg base, it was designed to stand up to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to its intensive use construction, this chair is ideal for settings such as dispatch centers where a single chair gets used by multiple people during different shifts all day long. A myriad of ergonomic adjustments and genuine leather upholstery make it one of the most comfortable chairs we offer.

24/7 big and tall chair

The Linear Big & Tall Memory Foam Stool: Whether you’re an artist working at a drafting table or you want to be able to switch from standing to sitting easily at your standing height desk, there are stools that come in big and tall varieties too. This NBF Signature Series stool features a mesh back for breathable comfort and adjustable armrests for support. The foot ring is also adjustable to that users of different heights can rest their feet comfortably.

big and tall stool

The Omega Faux Leather Guest Chair: You’re not the only person in your office who wants to feel comfortable. Be sure that every guest who visits your company is offered a seat that will support them. The Officient Omega Guest Chair does just that, supporting up to 350 pounds and offering plush support with its padded cushions and faux leather upholstery.

big and tall guest chair

Chairs Around the Office: Chelsea Hodgins’s Code Chair

Chelsea Hodgins, studio manager at National Business Furniture, tells us why she loves the NBF Code Conference Chair.


Q: Do you have a favorite feature? Do you use any ergonomic adjustments? Which ones and why?

A: My favorite feature and my favorite ergonomic mechanism is the adjustable tilt lock. I like to recline throughout my day and the back can lock in almost any position.

Q: What do you think about the seat of the chair?

A: The code chair has a comfortable, thick cushion. But petite users should note the larger seat depth and height.

Q: What do you think about the look of the chair?

A: This stylish, sturdy chair looks great without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for any office or conference room.

Budget, Commercial, Heirloom: Double Bookcases

Whether you have a huge collection of books that need to be organized or you need an attractive way to fill up a large blank wall, adding a tall double bookcase is an excellent way to get the job done in style. Deciding that a double bookcase is the furniture for you is half the battle. The second half is choosing the best bookshelf for you! Let’s take a look at our budget, commercial and heirloom options for this statement piece.

The Budget Option: The Midas 72” Double Bookcase is a sharp addition to both traditional and contemporary offices. Available in your choice of oak, cherry or espresso, it offers a warm and inviting look that can easily complement most décor. The wood veneer construction makes for a great value at this budget price, since veneers are durable and long-lasting, and the thick shelves provide sturdy support. Its simple design includes no flashy details, making this piece a good solution for those who want their furniture to blend in with the office, not stand out.

The pros: Adjustable shelves, affordable, veneer construction, available in three different finishes

The cons: Does not ship assembled, no intricate details


The Commercial Option: If you want something a little more upscale, then check out the Pont Lafayette 78” Double Bookcase from none other than the NBF Signature Series. Also constructed of wood veneer, this unit comes in a shade of deep walnut that’s ideal for offices that prefer a traditional sort of elegance. So what sets this bookshelf apart? Its half-moon-shaped frame, crown molding and elevated base on detailed feet give it a sort of flair that you don’t see every day. The wood veneer shelves feature glass inlays that are further complemented by two can lights in the ceiling of the unit. Your reading materials and décor will look their very best when displayed in this artful piece.

The pros: Elegant details, built-in lighting, ships fully assembled

The cons: More expensive, glass shelves must be cleaned more frequently


The Heirloom Option: If you want something with a durable construction and a timeless design, then the European Renaissance II 104” Bookcase with Sliding Ladder is the way to go. The medium brown hardwood solid and wood veneer finish is elegantly faded in specific areas to create a look of depth and regality, while the detailed molding is something straight out of a dream library. Like the Pont Lafayette bookshelf, this option from Hooker Furniture features lighted top shelves to illuminate your favorite décor. It also includes lower shelves that are concealed by two sets of double doors so that you can hide your less attractive reading materials. The icing on the bookcase cake: that ladder! An attached ladder can slide back and forth between columns to not only help you reach books on the top shelf, but to help you feel like a real librarian straight out of history.

The pros: Elegant, functional, ships fully assembled

The cons: Most expensive


Green Furniture: NBF’s Commitment to the Environment

At NBF, we’re committed to providing safe, high quality products for our consumers. We’re also dedicated to meeting high sustainability standards and doing our best to protect the environment by offering products that are GreenGuard certified and Level certified. We were even the first furniture retailer to be NSF Certified. Today, we’d like to highlight some of our many green, environmentally friendly office furniture pieces.

HON Nucleus Mesh Back Ergonomic Task Chair

This HON Nucleus Mesh Back Ergonomic Task Chair features a slim, streamlined profile and a sleek, modern look. The seating option promises long lasting support and incredible comfort with illira-stretch NRAM material. It’s also Level certified, meaning that the product, production process and manufacturer have all met high sustainability standards. These standards take into account materials, energy, atmosphere, human health, ecosystem health and social responsibility.


Steel Mesh Three Seat Beam

These Steel Mesh Three Seat Beams are part of the Net Series created by OFM. Available in a myriad of bright, cheerful colors, these eco-friendly products can be used inside or outside, with rust-proof steel mesh and a sturdy steel frame. These seating options are also Greenguard certified, meaning that they support better indoor air quality and that their chemical and particle emissions meet acceptable pollutant standards.


The Lancaster Collection

As part of the NBF Signature Series, the Lancaster Collection is an exclusive design that you won’t find anywhere else. While this collection has incredible value, an elegant style and contemporary functionality, it’s also environmentally friendly. Made with raw materials purchased from forests that meet stringent environmental standards, you can feel good about displaying this gorgeous collection in your office. With a warm auburn finish on wood veneer surfaces, you can find quality, beauty and functionality from every piece in this collection, from the executive desk to the two-drawer lateral file.


Easy Access Picnic Table

You can find eco-friendly furniture for the outdoors as well! This Easy Access Picnic Table features 100% recycled plastic construction that is environmentally friendly and incredibly easy to maintain. With a UV-protected surface, fading color is no longer a worry. Provide convenient and sturdy outdoor dining and resting space for your employees with this lovely picnic table.


We’re proud to offer such an expansive selection of environmentally-friendly, green furniture for all industries and at a variety of price points. Protecting the environment is a task we take to heart when it comes to our products and our mission to improve every workplace.

How to Organize & Hide Computer Cords

Love your computer, but hate your computer cord clutter? Cables and wires can ruin the look of your workspace, especially if you’re using a lot of electronics in one area. If you’re the type of person who prefers a crisp, clean look in the office, then check out the different forms of wire management that are available to you.

Desktop Grommet Holes: Many desks come equipped with built-in grommet holes which consist of, you guessed it, a hole cut out near the edge of the desk. Grommet holes typically come with a cap so that you can maintain a clean look while covering up the mess. Simply slip your wires through the hole and then plug them into the wall or built-in desk power strip for a seamless look. This is the most common type of wire management system, so be sure to read the product description of the desk you are considering carefully to determine whether or not it comes with any grommet holes.


Wire Management Troughs: Some desks and, more commonly, tables come with built-in wire management troughs. These long, narrow containers are typically affixed to the front of the unit, often built into the modesty panel, and they consist of a protruding shelf with a lip that is used to hold your cords in place and up off the floor. Although these are less common than desktop grommet holes, they are certainly effective and are an ideal option for use in areas with ever-changing users such as classrooms and training rooms where laptops are used frequently.


Alternative Wire Management Systems: Some desks come with more unique wire management systems that you may prefer to grommet or trough options. The NBF Signature Series Pacifica desks, for example, don’t just feed your cords through their desktop grommet holes. They take it to the next level of office cleanliness by feeding those cords through the leg of the desk. This way, you aren’t just left with a mess of wires hanging out from underneath your work surface. Rather, the cords come out the bottom of the leg and then connect to the nearest outlet, leaving that clean, fresh Pacifica look unscathed by industrial cording.


DIY Solutions: Already have an office desk and don’t want to splurge on a new one? Don’t worry—there’s hope for you yet. While you can attempt to drill your own grommet hole into the top of your desk, we only recommend doing this if you are already a skilled handyperson or know someone who is. Alternatively, you can keep cords more organized by attaching a wire bin to the underside of your desk. Simply run cords through the bin to keep them up off the ground and out of sight. This can also be achieved in the same way by attaching binder clips to the bottom of your desk and running cords through those.

Don’t like any of these ideas? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and if you can’t cover your cords then make them look great! By covering your electrical cords with Washi tape or by affixing them to the wall in artistic designs, you can create cords that you will actually want to look at!