Chairs around the Office: The Linear Mesh Office Chair with Memory Foam

mesh task chair

This month, we interviewed our own Senior Administrative Assistant, Lisa Striebel, to find out what she loves about her office chair, The NBF signature Series Linear Mesh Office Chair with Memory Foam.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your office chair?

A: My favorite thing about this chair is the flip-up arms! They flip straight back really easily, which is really great because I work in a narrow desk space. Chair arms are always bumping into my desk and filing cabinets, so it’s nice to be able to get them out of the way.

Q: What adjustments on the Linear chair do you use, and why do you use them?

A: Other than the flip arms, I absolutely love the adjustable lumbar support. It’s so easy to move up and down in seconds, and you can really feel it hit your back in just the right spot. This chair is also really easy to recline in, so I don’t have to push too hard when I want to sit back.

Q: How do you feel about the mesh and the memory foam?

A: The seat conforms to the shape of my body, which is so nice when I’m sitting for long hours! As for the mesh, it keeps me cool and comfy, but doesn’t make me too cold here in the winter. Working for a company that sells office furniture, I’ve tried out a lot of chairs—this one is my favorite.

Q: Do you like the look of your chair?

A: Yes! The black color matches everything, so I think it would look really nice just about anywhere, including a home office. The straight up and down mesh is really sharp!

The Link Between Workplace Design and Company Identity

Trendway Feek

Workplace design is important; how your workplace looks, feels and supports you is bound to impact how well you will work and how efficient you will be. But office design is also important for a less obvious reason; when done right, the design of your workspace gives you the chance to convey who you are and to tell your story.

It’s an emerging trend that is most likely here to stay; the well branded and integrated workspace. According to Work Design Magazine, “A well-branded, integrated workplace can tell a story about who the company is, what they do and why it matters.” All of that is becoming increasingly important in a world as connected as ours. Businesses can no longer get away with great prices and decent customer service. They need to have a distinct identity that will make them stand out amongst competition. Workplace design, while just one part of a company’s identity, can go a long way when it comes to establishing the company culture, inspiring workers and shaping customer perspective.

In order to create a design that reflects and tells your business’s story, it is important to have the following:

Supportive Furniture in the Right Style

When it comes to design, ensure that your furniture fits the bill and that it supports your brand’s image. Furniture is available in so many different styles, ranging from the richly traditional to the sleekly modern, and your selection impacts the tone and feel of your space.

Tastefully Branded Items

While you will want to avoid slapping your logo all over everything, it is important to incorporate your brand periodically in small ways or all at once in a large way. The Harley Davidson Headquarters in Milwaukee is a great example of including tastefully branded items that fit with the vision of the company.

Creative Spaces

This doesn’t mean that you have to have a ping pong table in the break room. It just means that your office should offer something unique to your company and maybe even to your industry. These spaces should also reflect the identity of your brand and be helpful to workers by offering them spaces to relax, unwind and collaborate with coworkers.

Brand Spotlight: Nightingale

This month, we’re putting our NBF spotlight on Nightingale, one of our most trusted brands. Nightingale has been providing innovative office solutions since 1928, and their dedication to design has remained persistent over the last 80 years. Not only does Nightingale put an emphasis on comfort and superior ergonomic structure, but they also strive to reduce their carbon footprint by manufacturing Greenguard certified products of the finest quality. Take a look at our favorite Nightingale collections:

IQ2 Chair

IQ2: If you want an office chair that’s attractive and modern, then you’ve found it. Nightingale’s IQ2 Collection chairs feature mesh seat and back upholstery plus chrome framework that’s sleek and simple. Not only do these chairs look great, but they offer a wealth of ergonomic options as well as other features that will help you work more comfortably. The mesh upholstery is both beautiful and functional, as it helps keep your body cool while you sit for long hours by providing breathability that fabric and leather options just don’t have. Ergonomic options include adjustable knee tilt, seat depth, seat height, arm height, arm width and lumbar support—that’s a lot more than you’ll find on most computer chairs! Plus, the IQ2 chairs are available with or without a pivoting headrest to provide additional support to those who need it.

XO Chair


The XO Collection has a similar look to the IQ2 Collection, but includes more matching items so that you can achieve a cohesive look in your office from the front lobby to each and every back office cubicle. Every member of the collection has a mesh back, but you can choose between a mesh or fabric seat for your computer chair. When it comes to the matching guest chairs, you have the option of black frames, white frames, four post bases or cantilever bases. With all of these options, it’s easy to pick the XO chairs that will best complement your office!

CXO Chair


Speaking of options, how about adding a little color to your workspace? The IQ2 and XO collections feature sleek designs in crisp, modern neutral colors. The CXO collection of chairs, which also features computer and guest chair options, is available in a rainbow of color options from red to green and everything in between. Whether you want to promote your brand by equipping your office with chairs in your company colors or you just really like yellow, the CXO collection has a little something for everyone.

LXO Chair


Also available in multiple color options, the LXO offers something that the other Nightingale collections don’t—stools! The LXO stools come with or without arms and are ideal additions to offices that utilize standing height desks or drafting tables. Chairs in this collection also feature mesh backs and fabric seats for cool, cushioned comfort.

office in a box

Office in a Box

This Nightingale collection is a little different from the others on our list. Well, a lot different, actually. Not only do the two members of the Office in a Box Collection include chairs, but they include a full workstation! Both collections include an office chair, writing surface, filing cabinet, two shelf bookcase and waste bin, and one of them also has a privacy screen. These attractive, modern workstations are easy to assemble, making them ideal options for those working from a small or home office or for businesses that may need to set up a workspace fast at a moment’s notice.

The Benefits of Standing Height Tables and Desks


Standing and adjustable height desks are a win-win for both employees and employers alike because they offer ergonomic benefits to the user’s health while keeping employees more alert, typically resulting in higher levels of productivity.

standing tips

Why Stand?

Prolonged sitting may lead to symptoms of back and neck pain, decreased circulation and muscle tightness. When seated, we burn less energy, and enzyme productivity drops by 90%, putting us at far greater risk for heart disease.  That’s why 15 minutes of standing is recommended for every hour of sitting. With a standing or adjustable height desk, this is easy to accomplish.


Adjustable Height Desks

By placing your computer on an adjustable height desk or stand, you give yourself the freedom to move your monitor up and down freely. Adjustable height workstations come in a variety of sizes and styles and are typically adjustable via an electric, crank or gas lift. If a full-size adjustable height desk isn’t in your budget this year, fear not. There are plenty of adjustable height monitor stands that can be attached to your existing desk so that you can reap the benefits of standing while you work without breaking the bank.

Standing Height Desks

Another less expensive alternative to an adjustable height desk is a standing height desk. But how do you switch between sitting and standing when your work surface doesn’t move up and down? Working exclusively with a standing height desk is easy when you use a stool at your workstation which you can use during the parts of the day when you wish to sit. Once it’s time to stand, simply push the stool out of the way and continue to work without interruption.

Take a Stand for Your Health

Whether you choose an adjustable height or a standing desk, you can be sure that your body will thank you for it both immediately and in the long run. Adjustable height and standing height desks are available in a wide range of styles and colors so that you can match your new furniture with your existing décor. Take a stand for your health—equip your workspace with one of these ergonomic office solutions!

To learn more about the health benefits that standing tables and desks have to offer, be sure to check out our Standing at Work whitepaper here.

You can also take a look at our helpful video on the subject!

Game of Conference Rooms

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the conference room is no longer just a place to hold meetings and take conference calls – it’s a battleground.

Trendway IN Conference Collection

Why? One reason the article cites; a lack of space. With private office space continuously dwindling, meeting rooms are now being utilized more than ever by more individuals. While many meetings used to take place in private offices, it simply isn’t an option in most modern day workplaces where private offices are a thing of the past. Instead, the conference room is used in its place. With more individuals using these conference rooms, the conflicts over them are on the rise. These conflicts come in the form of double booking conference rooms, going over your meeting time slot and having to boot coworkers and superiors from the conference room who go over time. This results in unneeded tensions in the office as well as a lot of confusion – both of which distract from work that needs to be done.

So how do we solve the battle over the conference rooms?

Have Clearly Defined Conference Room Rules & Etiquette

In order to dispel unneeded tensions and distractions, having a code of conduct for conference room usage can go a long way. It may feel a bit stilted, especially in company with a more laid back culture, but it’s an effective method nonetheless. Ensure that everyone knows what the constraints are and how they are expected to act. This can be achieved through various means such as a company-wide email or a quick meeting detailing the issues and the new rules that will be put in place to solve them. For example, making it clear that meetings should not go over the reserved time can help people avoid clashes and also force more productive meetings. Constraints can be powerful motivators – knowing that they really only have a half hour to get everything done can keep people more on task during meetings.

Create More Space for Meetings

How to solve the battle over the conference room.

The most obvious way to solve this problem is to add more conference rooms. In some instances, this may be all that is needed. Perhaps there is an unused office that can easily be converted to a meeting space by adding the appropriate furniture items. Finding items in the right size for your room is absolutely vital. Feel free to read our Guide to Setting Up a Conference Room in order to ensure that the space will have everything that your workplace needs. However, we understand that for most businesses adding another conference room is not a simple prospect. Space comes at a premium and most of it is probably being used. If that’s the case, it’s time to think creatively about how you can use the space you currently have.

LOFTwall dividers are stylish and practical.
Think about the office building as a whole, not just your floor. Many office buildings will have general conference rooms available for use. Some even offer these spaces free of charge – you simply have to sign up. Consider if this is an option for your company.
There are also many furniture options that allow you to create separate office spaces. Using dividers and partitions allows you to section off a designated meeting space that teams can use when the other conference rooms are booked. Dividers don’t have to be boring either; LOFTwall creates incredibly stylish ways to divide and section off spaces.

This table doubles as a marker board and a working surface.
Consider adding a collaborative functionality to the break room. In most companies, the break room is occupied for only about two to three hours of the day. This means that for the other five to six hours, it stands almost completely empty. Outfitting your break room with multi-purpose furniture will allow teams to use the break room as a meeting space without disturbing anyone. Some such multi-functional furniture would include couches and adjustable height tables, like this option from Right Angle which does double duty as both a markerboard and working surface. With such products, employees can choose how to best use the furniture to suit their needs, whether collaborating or resting.

The Fringe Collection from National Office Furniture
You can also use dividers or furniture items like those found in the Fringe Collection to separate your break room into different sections – one section for relaxing and dining and another section for collaborating. Many of the items in the Fringe collection have a pod-like or booth design that can often act as a sound barrier, making it incredibly useful for this type of situation.

Benefits of Glass Marker Boards

Glass Marker Board Benefits

Take a look at the marker board options that we have on and you may feel overwhelmed. What’s the difference? They’re all white, rectangular boards, right? Although they may all look alike, not all whiteboards are created equal. Glass marker boards have been gaining considerable popularity in recent years due to their ability to adapt to nearly any environment by providing the following benefits.

Style. The first and most obvious benefit that glass marker boards have to offer is their high-style appearance. The sleek look of glass boards makes them an ideal addition to offices, lounges and high-end restaurants. Not only is the surface of these whiteboards attractive, but these types of products typically do not have the bulky frames that most whiteboards have, and the frameless design gives off a seamless, modern appearance that’s ideal for advertising and interior design use. Glass boards can also come in a wide range of colors including black, clear, blue, red and much, much more. You can also find them in both high gloss and matte finishes to suit your own specific needs.

Durability. One of the more subtle, but most impressive benefits that glass boards have to offer is their ability to withstand heavy use on a daily basis for many years. This is especially beneficial in settings where whiteboards are a crucial part of everyday life for its users. Schools, for example, can burn through whiteboards within just a few years of purchasing them due to the frequency of which they are used. Because glass whiteboards are highly resistant to ghosting, meaning they do not easily streak or stain, you can be sure that you’ll be able to deliver clear and concise messages on yours for years to come.

Cleanliness. Glass boards are a favorite among healthcare providers as they are much easier to keep clean than traditional whiteboards. Hospitals can be major breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which is why it’s so important for medical furniture to be antimicrobial. Most whiteboards are made of a pressboard material that’s coated in a glossy melamine top layer. Because these types of boards can be easily scratched and scraped, bacteria can get stuck in crevasses relatively easily, creating a huge problem in a healthcare setting. The reason glass boards are so much cleaner is that the surface is much tougher to scratch, so there is a far lesser chance of bacteria becoming trapped within dents and dings.

The Benefits of Armless Chairs

The Benefits of armless chairs.

In need of commercial quality office seating for your business? Consider armless chairs!  Here are some of the benefits of seating with armless design:

Allows for Easy Movement and Versatility

Arm rests can often get in the way. Armless chairs offer an unrestrictive seating design for the workplace. Not only do these chairs accommodate many different seating styles, but they also allow for easy movement both in and out of the chair. Want to scoot as closely as possible to working surface?  With an armless task chair, it is easy to do so.

Save Space

One of the biggest benefits of armless chairs is their space saving design. While arm rests may not seem bulky, they do happen to take up quite a lot of room. Armless chairs can be neatly tucked into tables and desks when not in use. This is especially useful in training rooms, conference rooms and other meeting/collaborative areas. Many armless chairs can also be placed next to each other in reception areas or waiting rooms in order to accommodate numerous individuals without taking up too much space.

Usually More Economical

Due to the fact that armless design requires less materials like fabric, upholstery and frame supports, they are usually a budget friendly option. This makes them ideal for businesses with smaller budgets that are looking for commercial quality seating that will hold up to daily use.